- Dancing as you walk

- The art of letting loose

- Spreading good vibrations & joy

- Putting that pep in your step

- Exercising your mind, body and spirit

- Taking care of yourself

- A different way of meditating

- Not caring what other people think

- Creating an expression of movement

- A way of meeting other advocates of fun


Dance as you walk to make the world smile and your heart sing.



Wancing isn’t anything new. Who can’t resist jamming out to a good song when it plays? Going on walks are great, don’t get me wrong, but why walk when you can wance?

When I used to go on walks, I would dance/walk in between cars and houses, it was always so rejuvenating and it made exercising so much more fun. Then one day, I stopped caring about the people who may have seen me dancing on my walks because I thought to myself, why stop the joy with me?

Imagine spotting someone dancing as they walk down the street with the utmost expression and enthusiasm. Wouldn't that make your day? At the very least, make you smile? With the assumption that it does, I never stopped dancing on my walks.

Then it hit me. I just found the most amazing way to consolidate radical self-love and the ability to spread an abundance of joy into one experience. What kind of impact could that create on a larger scale? From that thought, WANCE was born.

I am bringing wance to Wisconsin  because the world needs joy, positivity and a little nonsense. I will host a different location each Wednesday for some mid-week motivation and because alliteration is fun. #WanceOnWednesday 

Join me as I wance around Wisconsin on Wednesdays or start your own wancing group in your area! 


Request a Song

Want to hear your favorite tunes while wancing?

Submit your requests here and it will get added to the playlist!

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See what you need to start a wancing group in your area.

Bluetooth Speaker

A fanny pack speaker combo works great for small groups, the Tribit StormBox offers party mode with multiple speakers for large groups.


Find a safe location with visibility for the public to enjoy and set up a consistent time to meet there.


Make a playlist of great wancing tunes or request access to the wance playlist on Spotify. If two people in your group have Spotify Premium, you can listen to the same playlist through different speakers.


Create a reoccuring event on Facebook and invite your friends!


Do you want to start a wance group in your area or co-host a wance in Wisconsin?

Contact me and I'll help get the wance started!

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